"Milk Bag Mats"


Collecting Milk Bags is one of our new recycling project initiatives which we have embarked on. These milk bags can be recycled to be made into useful sleeping mats, totes, bags, door mats etc where they are in great demand in third world countries. PLEASE, SAVE the large outer 4 litre milk bag (those with the company logo on it) for this project. It takes about 400 bags to crochet a 3x6 sleeping mat. Sleeping on these mats protect children and adults from parasites such as hookworm, whose larvae breed in soil and penetrate the skin, causing a range of serious development problems in the young. They can also be made into totes which are used in hospitals to carry medical aids or can also be used as diaper bags in poorer countries. We can help the environment by recycling these milk bags into useful articles as it will take them years to decompose in the landfills.

These mats are currently being delivered to impoverished areas in Haiti, Africa, South America, and the Philippines. These plastic mats are durable, with a life expectancy of 20 years+, can be easily washed and rinsed in water, and provide an alternative to sleeping on the bare and/or wet ground. Sleeping on these mats protect children and adults from bugs and insects. Use of these mats reduces the risk of contracting ringworm by 60% and lowers parasitic infestations in children by up to 40%. Biting insects and poisonous spiders do not like the plastic, and thus dont hide in the milk-bag mats as they habitually do in woven banana-leaf mats which most poverty-stricken people sleep on. .

We hope to start this project by initially collecting these milk bags to be dropped off at locations in the GTA where they have the resources to make the end product. Gradually we will start making the mats ourselves once we have trained volunteers by conducting workshops. Centre will collect Milk bags on regular basis. You may bring your milk bags to the centre on the Satsang night. Kindly ensure the outer milk bags are clean and flattened, free from odor. They can be of any brand or color. These bags can be crocheted or weaved. Those who know crochet or interested in learning, please contact Seva Coordinator.


Any other organizations who would like to participate in this noble cause, please collect all the bags and arrange to deliver to below two addresses:

1) Don Bosco school office, 2 Saint Andrews Blvd., Toronto (Etobicoke), ON [map]

2) Rexdale Alliance Church, 2459 Islington Ave, Toronto, ON [map]



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